What is EENET?

EENET – Enabling Education Network – is a global information-sharing network that promotes the development of quality, inclusive, child-friendly education, both within and beyond formal schools.

EENET was established in 1997. Since then we have grown into a highly respected network supporting the information needs of teachers, parents, students, non-governmental organisations, international agencies and policy-makers.

We prioritise the documentation and sharing of information originating in the South (developing countries). We encourage critical thinking, innovation and conversations within and between countries, on issues of inclusion, equity and rights in education. We promote concepts of inclusion by being inclusive and participatory in our own practices.

Our main activities

  • annual publication – “Enabling Education Review”
  • website
  • producing/disseminating materials on inclusive education
  • responding to enquiries from education stakeholders around the world
  • developing and promoting participatory, image-based approaches to research and teaching.

Contact EENET: info@eenet.org.uk

Our Networking Co-ordinator is Su Corcoran.

EENET’s consultancy branch

In 2009 we registered a Community Interest Company (EENET CIC) through which we provide consultancy services to NGOs, UN and government agencies. Our services include:

  • research (traditional and participatory action research)
  • evaluations
  • baseline/scoping studies
  • workshops and training courses
  • technical support
  • writing and editing.

Contact EENET’s consultancy branch: consultancy@eenet.org.uk

EENET CIC’s Directors are Ingrid Lewis, Susie Miles, Duncan Little and Ian Kaplan


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